Fully Proprioceptive Slip-Velocity-Aware State Estimation for Mobile Robots via Invariant Kalman Filtering and Disturbance Observer

Xihang Yu, Sangli Teng, Theodor Chakhachiro, Wenzhe Tong, Tingjun Li, Tzu-Yuan Lin, Sarah Koehler, Manuel Ahumada, Jeffrey M. Walls, Maani Ghaffari

This paper develops a novel slip estimator using the invariant observer design theory and Disturbance Observer (DOB). The proposed state estimator for mobile robots is fully proprioceptive and combines data from an inertial measurement unit and body velocity within a Right Invariant Extended Kalman Filter (RI-EKF). By embedding the slip velocity into $\mathrm{SE}_3(3)$ Lie group, the developed DOB-based RI-EKF provides real-time accurate velocity and slip velocity estimates on different terrains. Experimental results using a Husky wheeled robot confirm the mathematical derivations and show better performance than a standard RI-EKF baseline. Open source software is available for download and reproducing the presented results.

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