A generic system for critiquing physicians' prescriptions: usability, satisfaction and lessons learnt

Jean-Baptiste Lamy, Vahid Ebrahiminia, Brigitte Seroussi, Jacques Bouaud, Christian Simon, Madeleine Favre, Hector Falcoff, Alain Venot

Clinical decision support systems have been developed to help physicians to take clinical guidelines into account during consultations. The ASTI critiquing module is one such systems; it provides the physician with automatic criticisms when a drug prescription does not follow the guidelines. It was initially developed for hypertension and type 2 diabetes, but is designed to be generic enough for application to all chronic diseases. We present here the results of usability and satisfaction evaluations for the ASTI critiquing module, obtained with GPs for a newly implemented guideline concerning dyslipaemia, and we discuss the lessons learnt and the difficulties encountered when building a generic DSS for critiquing physicians' prescriptions.

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