Automatic White Blood Cell Measuring Aid for Medical Diagnosis

Pramit Ghosh, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Mita Nasipuri, Dipak Kumar Basu

Blood related invasive pathological investigations play a major role in diagnosis of diseases. But in India and other third world countries there are no enough pathological infrastructures for medical diagnosis. Moreover, most of the remote places of those countries have neither pathologists nor physicians. Telemedicine partially solves the lack of physicians. But the pathological investigation infrastructure can not be integrated with the telemedicine technology. The objective of this work is to automate the blood related pathological investigation process. Detection of different white blood cells has been automated in this work. This system can be deployed in the remote area as a supporting aid for telemedicine technology and only high school education is sufficient to operate it. The proposed system achieved 97.33 percent accuracy for the samples collected to test this system.

Knowledge Graph



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