Delay-Robustness in Distributed Control of Timed Discrete-Event Systems Based on Supervisor Localization

Renyuan Zhang, Kai Cai, Yongmei Gan, W. M. Wonham

Recently we studied communication delay in distributed control of untimed discrete-event systems based on supervisor localization. We proposed a property called delay-robustness: the overall system behavior controlled by distributed controllers with communication delay is logically equivalent to its delay-free counterpart. In this paper we extend our previous work to timed discrete-event systems, in which communication delays are counted by a special clock event {\it tick}. First, we propose a timed channel model and define timed delay-robustness; for the latter, a polynomial verification procedure is presented. Next, if the delay-robust property does not hold, we introduce bounded delay-robustness, and present an algorithm to compute the maximal delay bound (measured by number of ticks) for transmitting a channeled event. Finally, we demonstrate delay-robustness on the example of an under-load tap-changing transformer.

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