ABC-SG: A New Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm-Based Distance of Sequential Data Using Sigma Grams

Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad

The problem of similarity search is one of the main problems in computer science. This problem has many applications in text-retrieval, web search, computational biology, bioinformatics and others. Similarity between two data objects can be depicted using a similarity measure or a distance metric. There are numerous distance metrics in the literature, some are used for a particular data type, and others are more general. In this paper we present a new distance metric for sequential data which is based on the sum of n-grams. The novelty of our distance is that these n-grams are weighted using artificial bee colony; a recent optimization algorithm based on the collective intelligence of a swarm of bees on their search for nectar. This algorithm has been used in optimizing a large number of numerical problems. We validate the new distance experimentally.

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