Energy Beamforming with One-Bit Feedback

Jie Xu, Rui Zhang

Wireless energy transfer (WET) has attracted significant attention recently for providing energy supplies wirelessly to electrical devices without the need of wires or cables. Among different types of WET techniques, the radio frequency (RF) signal enabled far-field WET is most practically appealing to power energy constrained wireless networks in a broadcast manner. To overcome the significant path loss over wireless channels, multi-antenna or multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) techniques have been proposed to enhance the transmission efficiency and distance for RF-based WET. However, in order to reap the large energy beamforming gain in MIMO WET, acquiring the channel state information (CSI) at the energy transmitter (ET) is an essential task. This task is particularly challenging for WET systems, since existing channel training and feedback methods used for communication receivers may not be implementable at the energy receiver (ER) due to its hardware limitation. To tackle this problem, in this paper we consider a multiuser MIMO system for WET, where a multiple-antenna ET broadcasts wireless energy to a group of multiple-antenna ERs concurrently via transmit energy beamforming. By taking into account the practical energy harvesting circuits at the ER, we propose a new channel learning method that requires only one feedback bit from each ER to the ET per feedback interval. The feedback bit indicates the increase or decrease of the harvested energy by each ER between the present and previous intervals, which can be measured without changing the existing hardware at the ER. Based on such feedback information, the ET adjusts transmit beamforming in different training intervals and at the same time obtains improved estimates of the MIMO channels to ERs by applying a new approach termed analytic center cutting plane method (ACCPM).

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