Towards the Framework of Information Security

Dr. Brijender Kahanwal, Dr. Tejinder Pal Singh

Todays modern society is extremely dependent on computer based information systems. Many of the organizations would simply not be able to function properly without services provided by these systems, just like financing organizations. Although interruption might decrease the efficiency of an organization, theft or unintentional disclosure of entrusted private data could have more serious consequences, such as legal actions as well as loss of business due to lack of trust from potential users. This dependence on information systems has lead to a need for securing these systems and this in turn has created a need for knowing how secure they are. The introduction of the information society has changed how people interact with government agencies. Government agencies are now encouraged to uphold a 24-hour electronic service to the citizens. The introduction of government services on the Internet is meant to facilitate communication with agencies, decrease service times and to lessen the amount of papers that needs to be processed. The increased connectivity to the Internet results in a rising demand for information security in these systems. In this article, we have discussed about many file data breaches in the past and current history and they are going to increase day by day as the reports by DataLossDB (Open Security Foundation) organization, a non-profit organization in US.

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