An adaptive block based integrated LDP,GLCM,and Morphological features for Face Recognition

Arindam Kar, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Dipak Kumar Basu, Mita Nasipuri, Mahantapas Kundu

This paper proposes a technique for automatic face recognition using integrated multiple feature sets extracted from the significant blocks of a gradient image. We discuss about the use of novel morphological, local directional pattern (LDP) and gray-level co-occurrence matrix GLCM based feature extraction technique to recognize human faces. Firstly, the new morphological features i.e., features based on number of runs of pixels in four directions (N,NE,E,NW) are extracted, together with the GLCM based statistical features and LDP features that are less sensitive to the noise and non-monotonic illumination changes, are extracted from the significant blocks of the gradient image. Then these features are concatenated together. We integrate the above mentioned methods to take full advantage of the three approaches. Extraction of the significant blocks from the absolute gradient image and hence from the original image to extract pertinent information with the idea of dimension reduction forms the basis of the work. The efficiency of our method is demonstrated by the experiment on 1100 images from the FRAV2D face database, 2200 images from the FERET database, where the images vary in pose, expression, illumination and scale and 400 images from the ORL face database, where the images slightly vary in pose. Our method has shown 90.3%, 93% and 98.75% recognition accuracy for the FRAV2D, FERET and the ORL database respectively.

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