Face Recognition using Hough Peaks extracted from the significant blocks of the Gradient Image

Arindam Kar, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Dipak Kumar Basu, Mita Nasipuri, Mahantapas Kundu

This paper proposes a new technique for automatic face recognition using integrated peaks of the Hough transformed significant blocks of the binary gradient image. In this approach firstly the gradient of an image is calculated and a threshold is set to obtain a binary gradient image, which is less sensitive to noise and illumination changes. Secondly, significant blocks are extracted from the absolute gradient image, to extract pertinent information with the idea of dimension reduction. Finally the best fitted Hough peaks are extracted from the Hough transformed significant blocks for efficient face recognition. Then these Hough peaks are concatenated together, which are used as feature in classification process. The efficiency of the proposed method is demonstrated by the experiment on 1100 images from the FRAV2D face database, 2200 images from the FERET database, where the images vary in pose, expression, illumination and scale and 400 images from the ORL face database, where the images slightly vary in pose. Our method has shown 93.3%, 88.5% and 99% recognition accuracy for the FRAV2D, FERET and the ORL database respectively.

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