Book embeddings of Reeb graphs

Vitaliy Kurlin

Let $X$ be a simplicial complex with a piecewise linear function $f:X\to\mathbb{R}$. The Reeb graph $Reeb(f,X)$ is the quotient of $X$, where we collapse each connected component of $f^{-1}(t)$ to a single point. Let the nodes of $Reeb(f,X)$ be all homologically critical points where any homology of the corresponding component of the level set $f^{-1}(t)$ changes. Then we can label every arc of $Reeb(f,X)$ with the Betti numbers $(\beta_1,\beta_2,\dots,\beta_d)$ of the corresponding $d$-dimensional component of a level set. The homology labels give more information about the original complex $X$ than the classical Reeb graph. We describe a canonical embedding of a Reeb graph into a multi-page book (a star cross a line) and give a unique linear code of this book embedding.

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