FELFCNCA: Fast & Efficient Log File Compression Using Non Linear Cellular Automata Classifier

P. Kiran Sree, Inampudi Ramesh Babu, SSSN Usha Devi N

Log Files are created for Traffic Analysis, Maintenance, Software debugging, customer management at multiple places like System Services, User Monitoring Applications, Network servers, database management systems which must be kept for long periods of time. These Log files may grow to huge sizes in this complex systems and environments. For storage and convenience log files must be compressed. Most of the existing algorithms do not take temporal redundancy specific Log Files into consideration. We propose a Non Linear based Classifier which introduces a multidimensional log file compression scheme described in eight variants, differing in complexity and attained compression ratios. The FELFCNCA scheme introduces a transformation for log file whose compressible output is far better than general purpose algorithms. This proposed method was found lossless and fully automatic. It does not impose any constraint on the size of log file

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