A Novel Hierarchical Ant based QoS aware Intelligent Routing Scheme for MANETS

Debajit Sensarma, Koushik Majumder

MANET is a collection of mobile devices with no centralized control and no pre-existing infrastructures. Due to the nodal mobility, supporting QoS during routing in this type of networks is a very challenging task. To tackle this type of overhead many routing algorithms with clustering approach have been proposed. Clustering is an effective method for resource management regarding network performance, routing protocol design, QoS etc. Most of the flat network architecture contains homogeneous capacity of nodes but in real time nodes are with heterogeneous capacity and transmission power. Hierarchical routing provides routing through this kind of heterogeneous nodes. Here, routes can be recorded hierarchically, across clusters to increase routing flexibility. Besides this, it increases scalability and robustness of routes. In this paper, a novel ant based QoS aware routing is proposed on a three level hierarchical cluster based topology in MANET which will be more scalable and efficient compared to flat architecture and will give better throughput.

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