Applying the Apriori algorithm for investigating the relationships between demographic characteristics of Iranian top 100 enterprises and the strcture of their commercial website

Ali Azimi, Azar Kaffashpour

This study was conducted with the main aim to investigate the relationships between demographic characteristics of companies and the facilities required for their commercial websites. The research samples are the top 100 Iranian companies as ranked by the Iranian Industrial Management Institute; the method applied is datamining, using Association Rules throught the Apriori algorithms. To collect the data, an aithor-modified check list has been utilized, coverig the three areas of faclities within commercial websites, i.e. fundamental, information-providing, and service-delivering facilities. having extracted the association rules between the mentioned two sets of variables, 68 rules with a confidence rate of 90% and above were obtained, and based on their significance were classified into two groups of must-have and should-have requirements; a recommended package of facilities is hitherto offered to other companies which intend to enter e-commerce through their commerical websites with regards to each company's unique demographic characteristics.

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