Geometric graphs on convex point sets

Abhijeet Khopkar, Sathish Govindrajan

In this note, we introduce a family of bipartite graphs called path restricted ordered bipartite graphs and present it as an abstract generalization of some well known geometric graphs like unit distance graphs on convex point sets. In the framework of convex point sets, we also focus on a generalized version of Gabriel graphs known as locally Gabriel graphs or $LGGs$. $LGGs$ can also be seen as the generalization of unit distance graphs. The path restricted ordered bipartite graph is also a generalization of $LGGs$. We study some structural properties of the path restricted ordered bipartite graphs and also show that such graphs have the maximum edge complexity of $\theta(n \log n)$. It gives an alternate proof to the well known result that $UDGs$ and $LGGs$ on convex points have $O(n \log n)$ edges.

Knowledge Graph



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