Invariant games and non-homogeneous Beatty sequences

Julien Cassaigne, Eric Duchêne, Michel Rigo

We characterize all the pairs of complementary non-homogenous Beatty sequences $(A_n)_{n\ge 0}$ and $(B_n)_{n\ge 0}$ for which there exists an invariant game having exactly $\{(A_n,B_n)\mid n\ge 0\}\cup \{(B_n,A_n)\mid n\ge 0\}$ as set of $\mathcal{P}$-positions. Using the notion of Sturmian word and tools arising in symbolic dynamics and combinatorics on words, this characterization can be translated to a decision procedure relying only on a few algebraic tests about algebraicity or rational independence. Given any four real numbers defining the two sequences, up to these tests, we can therefore decide whether or not such an invariant game exists.

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