Strategy pattern: payment pattern for Internet banking

A. Meiappane, J. Prabavadhi, V. Prasanna Venkatesan

This paper brings out the design patterns according to the various services involved in internet banking. The Pattern oriented Software Architecture uses the pattern which eliminates the difficulty of reusability in a particular context. The patterns are to be designed using BPM (Business Process Model) for effective cross cutting on process level. For implementing the above said BPM, the Internet banking has been taken to implement the pattern into it. The Analysis and identification of various processes in Internet Banking have been done, to identify the effective cross cutting features. With this process the pattern has been designed, as a reusability component to be used by the Software Architect. The pattern help us to resolve recurring problems constructively and based on proven solutions and also support us in understanding the architecture of a given software system. Once the model is finalized by analyzing, we found payment in the process of internet banking has a strategy pattern.

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