Towards Ontological Support for Principle Solutions in Mechanical Engineering

Thilo Breitsprecher, Mihai Codescu, Constantin Jucovschi, Michael Kohlhase, Lutz Schröder, Sandro Wartzack

The engineering design process follows a series of standardized stages of development, which have many aspects in common with software engineering. Among these stages, the principle solution can be regarded as an analogue of the design specification, fixing as it does the way the final product works. It is usually constructed as an abstract sketch (hand-drawn or constructed with a CAD system) where the functional parts of the product are identified, and geometric and topological constraints are formulated. Here, we outline a semantic approach where the principle solution is annotated with ontological assertions, thus making the intended requirements explicit and available for further machine processing; this includes the automated detection of design errors in the final CAD model, making additional use of a background ontology of engineering knowledge. We embed this approach into a document-oriented design workflow, in which the background ontology and semantic annotations in the documents are exploited to trace parts and requirements through the design process and across different applications.

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