SEED: Public Energy and Environment Dataset for Optimizing HVAC Operation in Subway Stations

Yongcai Wang, Haoran Feng, Xiao Qi

For sustainability and energy saving, the problem to optimize the control of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems has attracted great attentions, but analyzing the signatures of thermal environments and HVAC systems and the evaluation of the optimization policies has encountered inefficiency and inconvenient problems due to the lack of public dataset. In this paper, we present the Subway station Energy and Environment Dataset (SEED), which was collected from a line of Beijing subway stations, providing minute-resolution data regarding the environment dynamics (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.) working states and energy consumptions of the HVAC systems (ventilators, refrigerators, pumps), and hour-resolution data of passenger flows. We describe the sensor deployments and the HVAC systems for data collection and for environment control, and also present initial investigation for the energy disaggregation of HVAC system, the signatures of the thermal load, cooling supply, and the passenger flow using the dataset.

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