Advanced Antenna Techniques and High Order Sectorization with Novel Network Tessellation for Enhancing Macro Cell Capacity in DC-HSDPA Network

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Jukka Lempiainen

Mobile operators commonly use macro cells with traditional wide beam antennas for wider coverage in the cell, but future capacity demands cannot be achieved by using them only. It is required to achieve maximum practical capacity from macro cells by employing higher order sectorization and by utilizing all possible antenna solutions including smart antennas. This paper presents enhanced tessellation for 6-sector sites and proposes novel layout for 12-sector sites. The main target of this paper is to compare the performance of conventional wide beam antenna, switched beam smart antenna, adaptive beam antenna and different network layouts in terms of offering better received signal quality and user throughput. Splitting macro cell into smaller micro or pico cells can improve the capacity of network, but this paper highlights the importance of higher order sectorization and advance antenna techniques to attain high Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR), along with improved network capacity. Monte Carlo simulations at system level were done for Dual Cell High Speed Downlink Packet Access (DC-HSDPA) technology with multiple (five) users per Transmission Time Interval (TTI) at different Intersite Distance (ISD). The obtained results validate and estimate the gain of using smart antennas and higher order sectorization with proposed network layout.

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