A Survey of Network-On-Chip Tools

Ahmed Ben Achballah, Slim Ben Saoud

Nowadays System-On-Chips (SoCs) have evolved considerably in term of performances, reliability and integration capacity. The last advantage has induced the growth of the number of cores or Intellectual Properties (IPs) in a same chip. Unfortunately, this important number of IPs has caused a new issue which is the intra-communication between the elements of a same chip. To resolve this problem, a new paradigm has been introduced which is the Network-On-Chip (NoC). Since the introduction of the NoC paradigm in the last decade, new methodologies and approaches have been presented by research community and many of them have been adopted by industrials. The literature contains many relevant studies and surveys discussing NoC proposals and contributions. However, few of them have discussed or proposed a comparative study of NoC tools. The objective of this work is to establish a reliable survey about available design, simulation or implementation NoC tools. We collected an important amount of information and characteristics about NoC dedicated tools that we will present throughout this survey. This study is built around a respectable amount of references and we hope it will help scientists.

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