On The Center Sets and Center Numbers of Some Graph Classes

Ram Kumar. R, Kannan Balakrishnan, Manoj Changat, A. Sreekumar, Prasanth G. Narasimha-Shenoi

For a set $S$ of vertices and the vertex $v$ in a connected graph $G$, $\displaystyle\max_{x \in S}d(x,v)$ is called the $S$-eccentricity of $v$ in $G$. The set of vertices with minimum $S$-eccentricity is called the $S$-center of $G$. Any set $A$ of vertices of $G$ such that $A$ is an $S$-center for some set $S$ of vertices of $G$ is called a center set. We identify the center sets of certain classes of graphs namely, Block graphs, $K_{m,n}$, $K_n-e$, wheel graphs, odd cycles and symmetric even graphs and enumerate them for many of these graph classes. We also introduce the concept of center number which is defined as the number of distinct center sets of a graph and determine the center number of some graph classes.

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