Partially Overlapping Tones for Uncoordinated Networks

Alphan Sahin, Erdem Bala, Ismail Guvenc, Rui Yang, Huseyin Arslan

In an uncoordinated network, the link performance between the devices might degrade significantly due to the interference from other links in the network sharing the same spectrum. As a solution, in this study, the concept of partially overlapping tones (POT) is introduced. The interference energy observed at the victim receiver is mitigated by partially overlapping the individual subcarriers via an intentional carrier frequency offset between the links. Also, it is shown that while orthogonal transformations at the receiver cannot mitigate the other-user interference without losing spectral efficiency, non-orthogonal transformations are able to mitigate the other-user interference without any spectral efficiency loss at the expense of self-interference. Using spatial Poisson point process, a tractable bit error rate analysis is provided to demonstrate potential benefits emerging from POT.

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