Chaotic Encryption Scheme Using 1-D Chaotic Map

Mina Mishra, Vijay H. Mankar

This paper proposes three different chaotic encryption methods using 1-D chaotic map known as Logistic map named as Logistic, NLFSR and Modified NLFSR according to the name of chaotic map and non-linear function involved in the scheme. The designed schemes have been crypt analyzed for five different methods for testing its strength. Cryptanalysis has been performed for various texts using various keys selected from domain of key space. Logistic and NLFSR methods are found to resist known plaintext attack for available first two characters of plaintext. Plaintext sensitivity of both methods is within small range along with medium key sensitivity. Identifiability for keys of first two of the scheme has not been derived concluding that methods may prove to be weak against brute-force attack. In the last modified scheme avalanche effect found to be improved compared to the previous ones and method is found to resist brute-force attack as it derives the conclusion for identifiability.

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