A Hybrid Approach for Co-Channel Speech Segregation based on CASA, HMM Multipitch Tracking, and Medium Frame Harmonic Model

Ashraf M. Mohy Eldin, Aliaa A. A. Youssif

This paper proposes a hybrid approach for co-channel speech segregation. HMM (hidden Markov model) is used to track the pitches of 2 talkers. The resulting pitch tracks are then enriched with the prominent pitch. The enriched tracks are correctly grouped using pitch continuity. Medium frame harmonics are used to extract the second pitch for frames with only one pitch deduced using the previous steps. Finally, the pitch tracks are input to CASA (computational auditory scene analysis) to segregate the mixed speech. The center frequency range of the gamma tone filter banks is maximized to reduce the overlap between the channels filtered for better segregation. Experiments were conducted using this hybrid approach on the speech separation challenge database and compared to the single (non-hybrid) approaches, i.e. signal processing and CASA. Results show that using the hybrid approach outperforms the single approaches.

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