Teleoperation System Using Past Image Records Considering Narrow Communication Band

Noritaka Sato, Masataka Ito, Yoshifumi Morita, Fumitoshi Matsuno

Teleoperation is necessary when the robot is applied to real missions, for example surveillance, search and rescue. We proposed teleoperation system using past image records (SPIR). SPIR virtually generates the bird's-eye view image by overlaying the CG model of the robot at the corresponding current position on the background image which is captured from the camera mounted on the robot at a past time. The problem for SPIR is that the communication bandwidth is often narrow in some teleoperation tasks. In this case, the candidates of background image of SPIR are few and the position of the robot is often delayed. In this study, we propose zoom function for insufficiency of candidates of the background image and additional interpolation lines for the delay of the position data of the robot. To evaluate proposed system, an outdoor experiments are carried out. The outdoor experiment is conducted on a training course of a driving school.

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