Bid-Centric Cloud Service Provisioning

Philip Healy, Stefan Meyer, John Morrison, Theo Lynn, Ashkan Paya, Dan C. Marinescu

Bid-centric service descriptions have the potential to offer a new cloud service provisioning model that promotes portability, diversity of choice and differentiation between providers. A bid matching model based on requirements and capabilities is presented that provides the basis for such an approach. In order to facilitate the bidding process, tenders should be specified as abstractly as possible so that the solution space is not needlessly restricted. To this end, we describe how partial TOSCA service descriptions allow for a range of diverse solutions to be proposed by multiple providers in response to tenders. Rather than adopting a lowest common denominator approach, true portability should allow for the relative strengths and differentiating features of cloud service providers to be applied to bids. With this in mind, we describe how TOSCA service descriptions could be augmented with additional information in order to facilitate heterogeneity in proposed solutions, such as the use of coprocessors and provider-specific services.

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