Identification of Employees Using RFID in IE-NTUA

Rashid Ahmed, John N. Avaritsiotis

During the last decade with the rapid increase in indoor wireless communications, location-aware services have received a great deal of attention for commercial, public-safety, and a military application, the greatest challenge associated with indoor positioning methods is moving object data and identification. Mobility tracking and localization are multifaceted problems, which have been studied for a long time in different contexts. Many potential applications in the domain of WSNs require such capabilities. The mobility tracking needs inherent in many surveillance, security and logistic applications. This paper presents the identification of employees in National Technical University in Athens (IE-NTUA), when the employees access to a certain area of the building (enters and leaves to/from the college), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applied for identification by offering special badges containing RFID-tags.

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