Multi-Branch Matching Pursuit with applications to MIMO radar

Marco Rossi, Alexander M. Haimovich, Yonina C. Eldar

We present an algorithm, dubbed Multi-Branch Matching Pursuit (MBMP), to solve the sparse recovery problem over redundant dictionaries. MBMP combines three different paradigms: being a greedy method, it performs iterative signal support estimation; as a rank-aware method, it is able to exploit signal subspace information when multiple snapshots are available; and, as its name foretells, it leverages a multi-branch (i.e., tree-search) strategy that allows us to trade-off hardware complexity (e.g. measurements) for computational complexity. We derive a sufficient condition under which MBMP can recover a sparse signal from noiseless measurements. This condition, named MB-coherence, is met when the dictionary is sufficiently incoherent. It incorporates the number of branches of MBMP and it requires fewer measurements than other conditions (e.g. the Neuman ERC or the cumulative coherence). As such, successful recovery with MBMP is guaranteed for dictionaries that do not satisfy previously known conditions.

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