Coverage Games for Testing Nondeterministic Systems

Farn Wang, Jung-Hsuan Wu, Sven Schewe, Chung-Hao Huang

Modern software systems may exhibit a nondeterministic behavior due to many unpredictable factors. In this work, we propose the node coverage game, a two player turn-based game played on a finite game graph, as a formalization of the problem to test such systems. Each node in the graph represents a {\em functional equivalence class} of the software under test (SUT). One player, the tester, wants to maximize the node coverage, measured by the number of nodes visited when exploring the game graphs, while his opponent, the SUT, wants to minimize it. An optimal test would maximize the cover, and it is an interesting problem to find the maximal number of nodes that the tester can guarantee to visit, irrespective of the responses of the SUT. We show that the decision problem of whether the guarantee is less than a given number is NP-complete. Then we present techniques for testing nondeterministic SUTs with existing test suites for deterministic models. Finally, we report our implementation and experiments.

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