The Sybil Attacks and Defenses: A Survey

Aziz Mohaisen, Joongheon Kim

In this paper we have a close look at the Sybil attack and advances in defending against it, with particular emphasis on the recent work. We identify three major veins of literature work to defend against the attack: using trusted certification, using resources testing, and using social networks. The first vein of literature considers defending against the attack using trusted certification, which is done by either centralized certification or distributed certification using cryptographic primitives that can replace the centralized certification entity. The second vein of literature considers defending against the attack by resources testing, which can by in the form of IP testing, network coordinates, recurring cost as by requiring clients to solve puzzles. The third and last vein of literature is by mitigating the attack combining social networks used as bootstrapping security and tools from random walk theory that have shown to be effective in defending against the attack under certain assumptions. Our survey and analyses of the different schemes in the three veins of literature show several shortcomings which form several interesting directions and research questions worthy of investigation.

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