Astrophysics Source Code Library: Incite to Cite!

Kimberly DuPrie, Alice Allen, Bruce Berriman, Robert J. Hanisch, Jessica Mink, Robert J. Nemiroff, Lior Shamir, Keith Shortridge, Mark B. Taylor, Peter Teuben, John F. Wallin

The Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL, is an online registry of over 700 source codes that are of interest to astrophysicists, with more being added regularly. The ASCL actively seeks out codes as well as accepting submissions from the code authors, and all entries are citable and indexed by ADS. All codes have been used to generate results published in or submitted to a refereed journal and are available either via a download site or froman identified source. In addition to being the largest directory of scientist-written astrophysics programs available, the ASCL is also an active participant in the reproducible research movement with presentations at various conferences, numerous blog posts and a journal article. This poster provides a description of the ASCL and the changes that we are starting to see in the astrophysics community as a result of the work we are doing.

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