Dihedral angles and orthogonal polyhedra

Therese Biedl, Martin Derka, Stephen Kiazyk, Anna Lubiw, Hamide Vosoughpour

Consider an orthogonal polyhedron, i.e., a polyhedron where (at least after a suitable rotation) all faces are perpendicular to a coordinate axis, and hence all edges are parallel to a coordinate axis. Clearly, any facial angle and any dihedral angle is a multiple of $\pi/2$. In this note we explore the converse: if the facial and/or dihedral angles are all multiples of $\pi /2$, is the polyhedron necessarily orthogonal? The case of facial angles was answered previously. In this note we show that if both the facial and dihedral angles are multiples of $\pi /2$ then the polyhedron is orthogonal (presuming connectivity), and we give examples to show that the condition for dihedral angles alone does not suffice.

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