Hardware and logic implementation of multiple alarm system for GSM BTS rooms

Arifa Ferdousi, Sadeque Reza Khan

Cellular communication becomes the major mode of communication in present century. With the development of this phase of communication the globalization process is also in its peak of speed. The development of cellular communication is largely depending on the improvement and stability of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) room. So for the purpose of the development of cellular communication a large numbered BTS rooms are installed throughout the world. To ensure proper support from BTS rooms there must be a security system to avoid any unnecessary vulnerability. Therefore multiple alarm system is designed to secure the BTS rooms from any undesired circumstances. This system is designed with a PIC Microcontroller as a main controller and a several sensors are interfaced with it to provide high temperature alarm, smoke alarm, door alarm and water alarm. All these alarms are interfaced with the alarm box in the BTS room which provides the current status directly to Network Management Centre (NMC) of a Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication network.

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