Description Logics based Formalization of Wh-Queries

Sourish Dasgupta, Rupali KaPatel, Ankur Padia, Kushal Shah

The problem of Natural Language Query Formalization (NLQF) is to translate a given user query in natural language (NL) into a formal language so that the semantic interpretation has equivalence with the NL interpretation. Formalization of NL queries enables logic based reasoning during information retrieval, database query, question-answering, etc. Formalization also helps in Web query normalization and indexing, query intent analysis, etc. In this paper we are proposing a Description Logics based formal methodology for wh-query intent (also called desire) identification and corresponding formal translation. We evaluated the scalability of our proposed formalism using Microsoft Encarta 98 query dataset and OWL-S TC v.4.0 dataset.

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