Sub-Classifier Construction for Error Correcting Output Code Using Minimum Weight Perfect Matching

Patoomsiri Songsiri, Thimaporn Phetkaew, Ryutaro Ichise, Boonserm Kijsirikul

Multi-class classification is mandatory for real world problems and one of promising techniques for multi-class classification is Error Correcting Output Code. We propose a method for constructing the Error Correcting Output Code to obtain the suitable combination of positive and negative classes encoded to represent binary classifiers. The minimum weight perfect matching algorithm is applied to find the optimal pairs of subset of classes by using the generalization performance as a weighting criterion. Based on our method, each subset of classes with positive and negative labels is appropriately combined for learning the binary classifiers. Experimental results show that our technique gives significantly higher performance compared to traditional methods including the dense random code and the sparse random code both in terms of accuracy and classification times. Moreover, our method requires significantly smaller number of binary classifiers while maintaining accuracy compared to the One-Versus-One.

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