Humanistic approach in mobile ad hoc network: HAMANET

Md. Amir Khusru Akhtar, G. Sahoo

Human society is a complex and most organized networks, in which many communities have different cultural livelihood. The creation/formation of one or more communities within a society and the way of associations can be mapped to MANET. By involving human characteristics and behavior, surely it would pave a new way, for further development. In this paper we have presented a new approach called "HAMANET" which is not only robust and secure but it certainly meets the challenges of MANET (such as name resolution, address allocation and authentication). Our object oriented design defines a service in terms of Arts, Culture, and Machine. The 'Art' is the smallest unit of work (defined as an interface), the 'Culture' is the integration/assembling of one or more Arts (defined as a class) and finally the 'Machine' which is an instance of a Culture that defines a service. The grouping of the communicable Machines of the same Culture forms a 'Community'. We have used the term 'Society' for MANET consisting of one or more communities and modeled using humanistic approach. We have compared our design with GloMoSim and proposed the implementation of file transfer service using the said approach. Our approach gives better results in terms of implementation of the basic services, security, reliability, throughput, extensibility, scalability etc.

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