Go-With-The-Winner: Client-Side Server Selection for Content Delivery

Chang Liu, Ramesh K. Sitaraman, Don Towsley

Content delivery networks deliver much of the web and video content in the world by deploying a large distributed network of servers. We model and analyze a simple paradigm for client-side server selection that is commonly used in practice where each user independently measures the performance of a set of candidate servers and selects the one that performs the best. For web (resp., video) delivery, we propose and analyze a simple algorithm where each user randomly chooses two or more candidate servers and selects the server that provided the best hit rate (resp., bit rate). We prove that the algorithm converges quickly to an optimal state where all users receive the best hit rate (resp., bit rate), with high probability. We also show that if each user chose just one random server instead of two, some users receive a hit rate (resp., bit rate) that tends to zero. We simulate our algorithm and evaluate its performance with varying choices of parameters, system load, and content popularity.

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