Design of a GIS-based Assistant Software Agent for the Incident Commander to Coordinate Emergency Response Operations

Reza Nourjou, Michinori Hatayama, Stephen F. Smith, Atabak Sadeghi, Pedro Szekely

Problem: This paper addresses the design of an intelligent software system for the IC (incident commander) of a team in order to coordinate actions of agents (field units or robots) in the domain of emergency/crisis response operations. Objective: This paper proposes GICoordinator. It is a GIS-based assistant software agent that assists and collaborates with the human planner in strategic planning and macro tasks assignment for centralized multi-agent coordination. Method: Our approach to design GICoordinator was to: analyze the problem, design a complete data model, design an architecture of GICoordinator, specify required capabilities of human and system in coordination problem solving, specify development tools, and deploy. Result: The result was an architecture/design of GICoordinator that contains system requirements. Findings: GICoordinator efficiently integrates geoinformatics with artifice intelligent techniques in order to provide a spatial intelligent coordinator system for an IC to efficiently coordinate and control agents by making macro/strategic decisions. Results define a framework for future works to develop this system.

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