Flight trajectory recreation and playback system of aerial mission based on ossimplanet

Wu Wu, Jiulin Hu, Xiaofang Huang, Huijie Chen, Bo Sun

Recreation of flight trajectory is important among research areas. The design of a flight trajectory recreation and playback system is presented in this paper. Rather than transferring the flight data to diagram, graph and table, flight data is visualized on the 3D global of ossimPlanet. ossimPlanet is an open-source 3D global geo-spatial viewer and the system realization is based on analysis it. Users are allowed to choose their interested flight of aerial mission. The aerial photographs and corresponding configuration files in which flight data is included would be read in. And the flight statuses would be stored. The flight trajectory is then recreated. Users can view the photographs and flight trajectory marks on the correct positions of 3D global. The scene along flight trajectory is also simulated at the plane's eye point. This paper provides a more intuitive way for recreation of flight trajectory. The cost is decreased remarkably and security is ensured by secondary development on open-source platform.

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