Interaction entre math\'ematique et informatique Libre/Open Source par le logiciel math\'ematique

K. I. A. Derouiche

This article focuses on the application of model development and opening the source code available and implemented by the Free Software and Open Source FLOSS to the instructional and teaching has both mathematics and computer by the read-write(R/W) of mathematical software, including the most famous cases are numerical and symbolic computation. The article analysis the development of the mathematical model of Free/Open Source(math FLOSS) software has proven its importance in the area of research in mathematics and computer science . However, although their actual use, is very readable in higher education courses. We discuss the feasibility of this model to the characteristics of the domain, actors, interaction they have and the communities they form during the development of the software. Finally, we propose a mathematical example of Free/Open Source(Math FlOSS) software as analysis device .

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