LB2CO: A Semantic Ontology Framework for B2C eCommerce Transaction on the Internet

Adeyinka K Akanbi

Business ontology can enhance the successful development of complex enterprise system; this is being achieved through knowledge sharing and the ease of communication between every entity in the domain. Through human semantic interaction with the web resources, machines to interpret the data published in a machine interpretable form under web. However, the theoretical practice of business ontology in eCommerce domain is quite a few especially in the section of electronic transaction, and the various techniques used to obtain efficient communication across spheres are error prone and are not always guaranteed to be efficient in obtaining desired result due to poor semantic integration between entities. To overcome the poor semantic integration this research focuses on proposed ontology called LB2CO, which combines the framework of IDEF5 & SNAP as an analysis tool, for automated recommendation of product and services and create effective ontological framework for B2C transaction & communication across different business domains that facilitates the interoperability & integration of B2C transactions over the web.

Knowledge Graph



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