Alan Ferrari, Dario Gallucci

Mobile Data Offloading permits users to use cheap communication media, whenever feasible, for delivering their personal data instead of using the infrastructure which is more expensive. Having good procedures to assess and compare the different possibilities a device has to send his data is crucial. In the following paper, we propose an evaluating approach that takes into consideration the topology changes history in order to provide an efficient way to calculate the quality of a specific medium. In particular \textit{Bayesian Networks} are used as basis to provide our solution to the Maniac Challenge 2013. Bayesian Networks is a statistical model for the generation of inferences starting with very little information. In the next sections we will give a definition of the Bayesian Networks focusing on the simplest and computationally efficient of the Bayesian Networks versions, named \textit{\naive Bayes}. Finally, we will show our method for the challenge to evaluate the medium and the bid strategy.

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