Aligning Software-related Strategies in Multi-Organizational Settings

Martin Kowalczyk, Jürgen Münch, Masafumi Katahira, Tatsuya Kaneko, Yuko Miyamoto, Yumi Koishi

Aligning the activities of an organization with its business goals is a challenging task that is critical for success. Alignment in a multi-organizational setting requires the integration of different internal or external organizational units. The anticipated benefits of multi-organizational alignment consist of clarified contributions and increased transparency of the involved organizational units. The GQM+Strategies approach provides mechanisms for explicitly linking goals and strategies within an organization and is based on goal-oriented measurement. This paper presents the process and first-hand experience of applying GQM+Strategies in a multi-organizational setting from the aerospace industry. Additionally, the resulting GQM+Strategies grid is sketched and selected parts are discussed. Finally, the results are reflected on and an overview of future work is given.

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