A model project for reproducible papers: critical temperature for the Ising model on a square lattice

M. Dolfi, J. Gukelberger, A. Hehn, J. Imriška, K. Pakrouski, T. F. Rønnow, M. Troyer, I. Zintchenko, F. Chirigati, J. Freire, D. Shasha

In this paper we present a simple, yet typical simulation in statistical physics, consisting of large scale Monte Carlo simulations followed by an involved statistical analysis of the results. The purpose is to provide an example publication to explore tools for writing reproducible papers. The simulation estimates the critical temperature where the Ising model on the square lattice becomes magnetic to be Tc /J = 2.26934(6) using a finite size scaling analysis of the crossing points of Binder cumulants. We provide a virtual machine which can be used to reproduce all figures and results.

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