New Approaches with Chord in Efficient P2P Grid Resource Discovery

C. Jeyabharathi, A. Pethalakshmi

Grid computing is a type of distributed computing which allows sharing of computer resources through Internet. It not only allows us to share files but also most of the software and hardware resources. An efficient resource discovery mechanism is the fundamental requirements for grid computing systems, as it supports resource management and scheduling of applications. Among various discovery mechanisms,Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology witnessed rapid development and the key component for this success is efficient lookup applications of P2P. Chord is a P2P structural model widely used as a routing protocol to find resources in grid environment. Plenty of ideas are implemented by researchers to improve the lookup performance of chord protocol in Grid environment. In this paper, we discuss the recent researches made on Chord Structured P2P protocol and present our proposed methods in which we use the address of Recently Visited Node (RVN) and fuzzy technique to easily locate the grid resources by reducing message complexity and time complexity.

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