Ontology - Based Dynamic Business Process Customization

V. Karthikeyan, V. J. Vijayalakshmi, P. Jeyakumar

The interaction between business models is used in consumer centric manner instead of using a producer centric approach for customizing the business process in cloud environment. The knowledge based human semantic web is used for customizing the business process It introduces the Human Semantic Web as a conceptual interface, providing human-understandable semantics on top of the ordinary Semantic Web, which provides machine-readable semantics based on RDF in this mismatching is a major problem. To overcome this following technique automatic customization detection is an automated process of detecting possible elements or variables of a business process that needto be especially treated in order to suit the requirement of the other process. To the business processto be customized as the primary business process and those that it collaborates with as secondary business process or SBP Automatic customization enactment is an automated process of taking actions to perform the customization on the PBP according to the detected customization spots and the automatic reasoning on the customization conceptualization knowledge framework. The process of customizing businessprocesses by composite the web pages by using web service.

Knowledge Graph



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