Multistage Compute-and-Forward with Multilevel Lattice Codes Based on Product Constructions

Yu-Chih Huang, Krishna R. Narayanan, Nihat Engin Tunali

A novel construction of lattices is proposed. This construction can be thought of as Construction A with codes that can be represented as the Cartesian product of $L$ linear codes over $\mathbb{F}_{p_1},\ldots,\mathbb{F}_{p_L}$, respectively; hence, is referred to as the product construction. The existence of a sequence of such lattices that are good for quantization and Poltyrev-good under multistage decoding is shown. This family of lattices is then used to generate a sequence of nested lattice codes which allows one to achieve the same computation rate of Nazer and Gastpar for compute-and-forward under multistage decoding, which is referred to as lattice-based multistage compute-and-forward. Motivated by the proposed lattice codes, two families of signal constellations are then proposed for the separation-based compute-and-forward framework proposed by Tunali \textit{et al.} together with a multilevel coding/multistage decoding scheme tailored specifically for these constellations. This scheme is termed separation-based multistage compute-and-forward and is shown having a complexity of the channel coding dominated by the greatest common divisor of the constellation size (may not be a prime number) instead of the constellation size itself.

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