High speed data retrieval from national data center (ndc) reducing time and ignoring spelling error in search key based on double metaphone algorithm

Md. Palash Uddin, Ashfaque Ahmed, Md. Delowar Hossain, Masud Ibn Afjal, Shah Md. Tanvir Siddiquee

Fast and efficient data management is one of the demanding technologies of todays aspect. This paper proposes a system which makes the working procedures of present manual system of storing and retrieving huge citizens information of Bangladesh automated and increases its effectiveness. The implemented search methodology is user friendly and efficient enough for high speed data retrieval ignoring spelling error in the input keywords used for searching a particular citizen. The main concern in this research is minimizing the total searching time for a given keyword. This can be done if we can pre-establish the idea of getting the data belonging to the searching keyword. The primary and secondary key-code generated by the Double Metaphone Algorithm for each word is used to establish that idea about the word. This algorithm is used for creating the map of the original database, through which the keyword is matched against the data.

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