BPP: Large Graph Storage for Efficient Disk Based Processing

Kamran Najeebullah, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Waqas Nawaz, Young-Koo Lee

Processing very large graphs like social networks, biological and chemical compounds is a challenging task. Distributed graph processing systems process the billion-scale graphs efficiently but incur overheads of efficient partitioning and distribution of the graph over a cluster of nodes. Distributed processing also requires cluster management and fault tolerance. In order to overcome these problems GraphChi was proposed recently. GraphChi significantly outperformed all the representative distributed processing frameworks. Still, we observe that GraphChi incurs some serious degradation in performance due to 1) high number of non-sequential I/Os for processing every chunk of graph; and 2) lack of true parallelism to process the graph. In this paper we propose a simple yet powerful engine BiShard Parallel Processor (BPP) to efficiently process billions-scale graphs on a single PC. We extend the storage structure proposed by GraphChi and introduce a new processing model called BiShard Parallel (BP). BP enables full CPU parallelism for processing the graph and significantly reduces the number of non-sequential I/Os required to process every chunk of the graph. Our experiments on real large graphs show that our solution significantly outperforms GraphChi.

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