Self Organizing strategies for enhanced ICIC (eICIC)

Abdoulaye Tall, Zwi Altman, Eitan Altman

Small cells have been identified as an effective solution for coping with the important traffic increase that is expected in the coming years. But this solution is accompanied by additional interference that needs to be mitigated. The enhanced Inter Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC) feature has been introduced to address the interference problem. eICIC involves two parameters which need to be optimized, namely the Cell Range Extension (CRE) of the small cells and the ABS ratio (ABSr) which defines a mute ratio for the macro cell to reduce the interference it produces. In this paper we propose self-optimizing algorithms for the eICIC. The CRE is adjusted by means of load balancing algorithm. The ABSr parameter is optimized by maximizing a proportional fair utility of user throughputs. The convergence of the algorithms is proven using stochastic approximation theorems. Numerical simulations illustrate the important performance gain brought about by the different algorithms.

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